Christian Jessen

Christian Jessen

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First Name * Christian
Last Name * Jessen
Username * jessenator
Country * USA
Languages Englishlithuanian




Well, this I must make clear about myself:

I went to school for five years to become a graphic designer. I was very convinced that I was going to work in the field for the rest of my career, I specialized in clean, well-laid-out typography, line, shape, etc. and overall the magical word in my training was 'CLEAN'

At the start of my 4th year a professor from the previous semesters asked me to come in and talk with him about a position he was hiring for. He needed somebody to build 3d models of various heavy machinery, rigging pieces, etc. for a client. It was tough but I took the job, and less than a year later I had my own copy of Maya and a desire to change course. I continued in graphic design until the end, later using my maya skills for projects in class.

I'm slowly but surely getting more skill in maya. I'm planning on going back to school within the next few years to either Gnomon, SCAD, or somewhere similar.

If my work comes in a bit too 'clean' now you'll know why- it's just ingrained into me!